From left to right: Dr. Rajnish Sharma, Ms. Rashmi Sharma and Dr. K.B. Sharma


Building a global African jewellery business that puts world-class expertise at the top of its priorities is a mission that Jewel of Africa never compromises on. For more than 25 years, our company has existed to exclusively satisfy the intricate needs of discerning customers from the beginner looking for keepsake jewellery to the most sophisticated and intricate piece for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

As a family business, Jewel of Africa places great emphasis on practicing an honest work ethic which will stand the test of time. The Chairman and Founder, Dr. K.B. Sharma, built the company on the premise of teamwork such that Directors of the Company, Jewellers and Sales interact holistically to produce the best quality jewellery and in the process valuing each customer equally regardless of how much they spend on any given jewellery.

Known for passion to deliver the absolute best and commitment to designing personalized and authentic jewellery, Jewel of Africa has a robust portfolio of happy clients dating as far back as its inception days in 1993.

Jewel of Africa currently operates seven jewellery stores in Zambia and a sister company in the USA. The USA company’s inception is the result of the trade agreement in place between Zambia and the United States of America known as the AGOA Act (African Growth and Opportunity Act, 2000).

Impeccable Craftsmanship Jewel of Africa pieces are skilfully handcrafted at the company’s workshop in Lusaka, Zambia. Our jewellers comprise highly skilled goldsmiths and experienced lapidarists treating every design with perfection thereby producing jewellery with unmatched excellence. Loving care is taken with every step in the making of elegance.

With over two decades of experience our master jewellers give each piece of jewellery intimate attention to bring out the exquisite beauty hidden in every precious stone or valuable metal.


Steve Lungu

Senior Goldsmith

My number one passion is to make coveted jewellery that will delight our clients regardless of which part of the world they come from.


Webster Mwansa

Graphic Designer

I’m always exposed to the latest trends and innovations in the jewellery sector at Jewel of Africa thereby gaining world-class expertise.


George Manda

Senior Goldsmith

My deepest desire is to delight you with every piece of jewellery that is handcrafted by our team of goldsmiths.


Bianca Hussein

Senior Goldsmith

Having joined as a rookie 6 years ago, I have grown to enjoy making pieces that are full of personality and character. Creating new jewellery everyday is a fulfilling experience which I treasure.