About Us

From left to right: Dr. Rajnish Sharma, Ms. Rashmi Sharma and Dr. KB Sharma

The Company

The JEWEL OF AFRICA was established over twenty-five years ago by Dr. K.B. Sharma in Lusaka, Zambia.  Over the years we have acquired an excellent reputation as exclusive jewellers.  As a family business, we place great emphasis on team work. Our jewellers and their formidable skills are as precious to us as the exquisite gemstones they transform for you.

In 2007 Jewel of Africa expanded our retail network further throughout the country and acquired Klaus Rygaard (1974 Ltd), the oldest jewellery company in Zambia.

The company owns six jewellery stores in Zambia and a sister company in the USA, registered in Delaware. The USA company’s inception is the result of the trade agreement in place between Zambia and the United States of America known as the AGOA Act (African Growth and Opportunity Act, 2000).

We hope that you too will find your special design here, do not hesitate to contact our team for enquiries or further information on our contact page.


Our jewellery is hand made in Zambia by Zambians

We continually recruit passionate men and women to learn from the masters. It is important to us that skills transfer is continual and that more Zambians can apply themselves to creating objects of beauty with their hands, including those on our staff who suffer physical disabilities.

Some of our skilled jewellers have been making jewellery for over 20 years, making them genuine master craftsmen in their field. Over twenty jewellers now ply their trade in our workshops.

The story of our gems begins with them, the story of the jewel begins with you.

Steven Lungu

Senior Goldsmith – “There’s nothing more amazing than designing a very nice piece of jewellery”.

Rudolf Kangwa

Lapidarist – “I love adding value to the precious stones and seeing the transformation from something so dirty and undefined  to something very beautiful”

Isaac Tembo

Senior Silversmith – “I get the greatest satisfaction from the more challenging designs, seeing something I have created take shape into something elegant”.

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