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Aquamarine name is derived from the Latin ‘aqua’ (water) and ‘mare’ (sea). It is said that its strengths are developed to their best advantage when it is placed in water which is bathed in sunlight. Aquamarine is the green-blue to blue variety of the mineral beryl. (Emerald is the green to bluish green variety of the same mineral.) Its color is usually a light pastel greenish blue. From the light blue of the sky to the deep blue of the sea, aquamarines shine over an extraordinarily beautiful range of mainly light blue colours. Aquamarine is a fascinatingly beautiful gemstone and is thes the green-blue to blue variety of the mineral beryl. And is found in Eastern Zambia sharing a border with Mozambique.


3.87ct Trillion aquamarine in a three claw setting surrounded by 24 of 0.03ct diamonds in a pave setting, with split shoulders in size M, in 18kt yellow gold. 9.81g. $7,350

6.83ct Heliodor in cage setting, “U” shank ring, size R1/2 in 18kt yellow gold. 7.65g $2,450

3.6ct  Aquamarine with 2 of 1.27ct amethyst set on either side,  trilogy in 18kt yellow gold cage setting, size O, 5.50g. $1,855

22.6ct Morganite in a girdle wrap setting with split shank and filigree pattern on the middle band, size L ,18kt yellow gold 9.62g. $2,628

3.44ct Aquamarine in 18kt yellow gold  cage tubes with 0.02ct diamonds in bezel at the top. “boat design”. size M1/2. 6.30g. $1,626

1.93ct Heliodor in 18kt yellow gold cage setting “Loop design” in size L. 2.26g. $827

Morganite 0.93ct, 0.98 Aquamarine and 0.99ct Herliodor in 18kt yellow gold channel setting. 8.3g. $1,296

2.37ct Aquamarine in 18kt white gold, with 6 of 0.02ct diamonds on either side, triple naked shank in size N. 6.1g. $1,973

1.24ct Aquamarine in 18kt white gold tension setting with triple naked shank in size O. $1,556

7.15cct Checkerboard  cushion morganite in 18kt white gold cage surrounded by 0.29ct diamonds and 0.16ct on shoulder in pave setting, size M. 4.97g. $2,017

4ct Aquamarine in 18kt white gold bottom bezel with 12 of 0.01ct diamond in 18kt yellow gold  pave setting, size 7. 6.80g. $2,726

1.03ct Aquamarine and 0.41ct helidor in 18kt yellow gold bezel set on matt finish silver shank with gold wire on the ends, size N1/2. 13.75g. $ $902

2.55ct Aquamarine and 2.83ct heliodor in bezel setting in pure  Zambian silver , size S. 16.72g. $859

9.34ct Aquamarine in cage setting with 4 of 0.3ct aquamarines in bezel on split shank size L, in 18kt white gold 1o.06g. $1,574

6.25ct Aquamarine in the middle with 2 of 2.4ct aquamarine on each side, flat shank in size  18kt white gold .7.80g. $5,255

2.32ct Aquamarine in cage setting with 2 of 0.38ct teardrop aquamarine on either side of the shank, size M. 18kt white gold. 4.95g. $1,664


8.65cts Aquamarine in cage setting linked to 5.97cts aquamarine in a cluster design, 18kt yellow gold. 7.69g. $3,454

3.55ct Heliodor in bezel setting with 10 of 0.01ct diamonds in flush setting with link and bail, Swan pendant in 18kt yellow gold. 5.4g, $2,223

22.1ct Aquamarine with 6 of 0.15ct aquamarine at the top and bottom all  in cage setting  with split bail and filigree pattern on frame, in 18kt yellow gold. 9.93g. $9404

6.8ct Teardrop aquamarine in girdle wrap with 0.10ct diamond in bezel in the middle and 1.18ct aquamarine at the top  with slits as a bail. 4.4g. $3,513