1. AGOA Trade Act

    Jewel of Africa (JOA) began selling jewellery in the U.S. in 2002 to a client base of around 10 individuals. Since then, our international market has expanded dramatically and in turn, customs clearance grew complicated. In one particular incident, Ms. Rashmi Sharma was forced to take the next flight back to Zambia upon her arrival into the U.S. as she did not have a clearing agent. We then turned to the United States Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub (The Hub) for assistance. The Hub not only linked JOA to a U.S clearing agent, but also enabled us to take advantage of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). According to an Article published by the Hub, “AGOA is the cornerstone of U.S. economic engagement with the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. AGOA helps eligible nations diversify their exports by providing duty-free access for nearly 7,000 tariff lines to the U.S. market, creating jobs and fostering inclusive economic growth.”

    Jewel of Africa has become Zam

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  2. Partnering with Gemfields for a good cause

    Jewel of Africa is partnering with Gemfields in an initiative that aims to fund the construction of a new computer training laboratory for children and adults displaced by the insurgency in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province.

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    The Jewel of Africa emerged as an endeavor of Zambia’s first gemologist Dr. K. B. Sharma, creating a brand of local handcrafted jewelry to sustainably develop the gemstone industry in Zambia. Since our establishment in 1992, Jewel of Africa has grown to become a fully vertically integrated business and one of the leading local and global retailers of Zambian gemstones. We now house five stores across Zambia and have extended our global reach across Africa, to the USA, Europe, China, UAE and India.

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  4. "Zambian Heritage" competition


    Zambia is a country with over 8 gemstones within her boundaries and a plethora of metals that include copper, gold and silver, among others. We are also a country with deep traditional values embedded in our rich culture spread across the 10 provinces.

    Jewel of Africa is calling for submissions of creative designs commemorating this mineral rich heritage. This is the chance for you to design a unique piece of jewellery that celebrates your heritage. You stand a chance to win K10,000 jewellery voucher and your design incorporated in the Jewel of Africa Collection.

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    The 2020 Face of Jewel of Africa is Miss Mwaka Halwiindi!!

    One way of telling the Story about the Zambian Gemstones is by getting the young generation to be ambassadors. It is in this vein that we launched the “Face of Jewel of Africa” Competition.

    We received over 420 entries of Zambian young people; 16 finalists were selected and invited for professional photo-shoot wearing our jewellery. Their pictures have been posted on the Jewel of Africa Facebook page for a popular vote. The face with the most likes was Mwaka Halwiindi; she won a K10,000 jewellery voucher and a chance to promote the Zambian gemstones & jewellery tourism to the World.

    Another objective is to highlight that all our jewellery is manufactured here in Lusaka by Zambian jewellers. We truly want to advocate the local gemstones and jewellery, speaking directly to a new generation of clients to build a new industr.

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    Our Gemologist and Designer Rashmi Sharma speaks about Zambian Gemstones with Richa Goyal Sikri, gemologist and journalist.



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    With 87,491 asylum seekers and refugees throughout Zambia, economic vulnerabilities predominant in refugee settlements place youths at a risk of criminal vices whilst seeking employment and livelihoods[1].

    In a partnership with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Jewel of Africa has extended its Apprenticeship Programme to the Commission to bring on-board identified youths from the refugee programme to access training and possible employment in the art of jewellery making.

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