"Zambian Heritage" competition

"Zambian Heritage" competition

Entry rules

Please read through the entry rules before submitting your design.


Opening date

1st September - 3rd October, 2020.


The competition

1. This Design Competition is a Jewel of Africa Initiative aimed at celebrating

      Zambia’s rich mineral heritage through design of cultural artifacts from the

      10 provinces of the country that will be incorporated in the Jewel of Africa

      jewellery collection.

2. Design drawing/image should depict Zambian heritage unique to a specific


3. A short story/narration explaining the concept of the design should

      accompany the design image.

4. Entry submission: go to jewelofafrica.com/bespoke-design to upload your

      design or send an email to jewelofafricamarketing@gmail.com

5. The winner will receive a K10,000 jewellery voucher.

6. Three runner up designs will collect jewellery vouchers to the value of


7. The winner will be announced in October, 2020 on all Jewel of Africa digital


8. The design will be judged by Rashmi Sharma, our Gemelogist & designer at Jewel of Africa, in partnership with Mulenga Kapwepwe author, co-founder of the Zambian Women's History Museum

9. the winner will be selected following these criteria: design, uniqueness, story/authenticity, feasibility 

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