Designs by Rashmi Sharma

Jewel of Africa have been known to set incredibly high standards of service and this has led us to become trend makers here in Zambia for providing a unique and exclusive design service.

We invite you to spend the afternoon with our lead designer, Ms. Rashmi Sharma, a fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain (FGA) and gemological institute of America (GIA); Ms. Sharma was also recently nominated as a board member for the World Diamond Board.

Rashmi Sharma’s Biography

Rashmi Sharma is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and holds an MBA. She is the Jewel of Africa’s own ‘gem’. Ms. Sharma is a trained jewellery designer and an appraiser of jewellery.

As the leader in the design team producing Jewel of Africa’s high-end jewellery, she excels not only at design but also at retail level; from presenting to advising at the highest levels of society, she is the ultimate ‘multi tasker’. Her flagship store is located at 8 Nyerere Road in Long Acres opposite the Lusaka Golf Club. The store provides a luxurious feel with a glass facade allowing consumers a window into the luxury world of designing with precious gems and metals.

Rashmi Sharma is a 33% shareholder capacity member for Gemstone Marketing and Consultancy Ltd, the founding company of the high end jewellery brand and stores representing Jewel of Africa. Often considered exclusive, the jewellery which is created at Jewel of Africa is most renowned for its high standards of quality. The company remains unparalleled in terms of customer service and delivers Zambian ‘home grown’ gemstones with high regard to provenance and ethical practise. With that in mind, the Jewel of Africa has successfully managed to combine style and quality with fair value principles.

The success of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) between Zambia and the United States of America was highlighted a key objective of Hilary Clinton’s office. The former secretary of state made mention of those objectives during a visit to Zambia in 2011; during which time she personally congratulated Ms. Sharma on her success.

Alongside her incredibly busy schedule, Ms. Sharma still manages to fit in presentations at diplomatic missions across the world and set up exhibitions in the United States and the Middle East at least once a year. In her spare time, Ms. Sharma  enjoys horsemanship and spending time with her family.

Featured Design – The Waterfall

This awe inspiring necklace has been designed by Rashmi.  1,916 sapphires of different shades of blue represent gushing water with 361 white diamonds forming the mist over the falling water.  Together they hope to express the beauty and splendour of the mighty Victoria Falls.

Sapphires: 52.07cts
Diamonds: 2.74cts 


  • Gemological Association of Great Britain
  • GIA: Gemologist Institute of America
  • Member of the Diamond Dealers Club Board


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