Increasingly we are asked, by our discerning customers, the story of the gems they are investing in. To this end, Jewel of Africa has restarted its mining project in Emeralds at Marlex Emerald Mine.

There you can see a Google Earth placement of the mine. As you will see below that activities have started with renovations of our campsite. The dewatering of our pit. While the project was dormant, over 40 million liters of water from rain and underground, have filled the pit. While the dewatering exercise is ongoing, we have  commenced reinforcing the bunches in the pit and redoing the ramps for the excavators, bulldozers and dump trucks to enter into the pit.

We will keep you updated on progress and hopefully soon, start uploading pictures of the beautiful emeralds that will surely come out of our piece of African soil.

Now when asked about provenance  of your emerald jewellery, please be informed that they are mined in Zambia at our Marlex Mine, they are cut at our Lapidary in the InterContinental Hotel, Lusaka Set into timeless pieces by our skilled goldsmiths at our jewellery manufacturing workshop in the heart of Zambia.