December USA Gem & Jewellery Show

Once again, Ms. Rashmi Sharma is about to embark on her yearly USA trip to promote Zambian jewellery and gems, and to raise awareness of our beautiful country and its natural resources.  This year, she will also be endeavoring to raise money for some NGOs within Zambia that have become very close to the heart of all of us at Jewel of Africa.

In the spirit of this holiday time of year, Jewel of Africa will be contributing a portion of the proceeds from this upcoming trip to several of these organizations.
Please find information below about these worthy causes and thank you, in advance, for your support.

Jewel of Africa has been mentioned by several organisations and shows as we are at the forefront promoting our country’s gem wealth and its rich tourism.  Below are summaries of our achievements.

Slow Train Through Africa – Griff Rhys Jones 

In episode four, Griff takes the train through Zambia and Zimbabwe, via one of the natural wonders of the world, the VictoriaFalls

Griff Rhys Jones explores Africa the unhurried way, as he takes to the continent’s railways to immerse himself in the joy and sometimes the frustration of travelling through a beautiful and beguiling continent, using the most romantic method of transportation. Travelling a total of 7000 miles over five journeys, he explores fascinating landscapes, encounters unforgettable wildlife and meets extraordinary people.

Stunning aerial photography combines with observational travelogue to produce a fresh portrait of Africa through Griff’s experiences on and off the train. On each epic trip across five episodes, he discovers how the railway reveals a great deal about the places he travels through.  Griff uses the train to get to unexpected places in deserts and forests, villages and cities, learning stories of their past and finding out how they are used today.

Griff travels through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, Kenya and Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. He experiences the extraordinary diversity of Africa, on and off the railways, drawing together a rich and entertaining narrative.

Hilary Clinton Launches U.S – Zambia Chamber of Commerce

Hilary Clinton “Where is Rashmi Sharma? There she is. She and her brother used – are you her brother? Oh, good. (Applause.) She and her brother used the AGOA trade preferences to expand their local jewelry business all the way to the United States. Now, that’s good for Zambia, but it’s also good for American consumers who want high-quality, beautiful jewelry, some examples of which I saw yesterday at the exhibition at the convention center”.

Zambian Gems and Jewellery show dates and venues:


Thursday 1st
Praveen & Tanu Tyle
Houston, TX

Friday 2nd 
Inonge Limbambala Mwenya
First Secretary (Trade)
Embassy of the Republic of Zambia

Saturday 3rd
Ruth Fisher
Washington, Dc 20002

 Sunday 4th 
Megan Valentine
North Carolina 1995 Redbud Pittsboro, NC

Tuesday 6th 

Kelly Young
San Francisco

Wednesday 7th 
Barbara Davis
10820 N Stargazer Dr

 Friday 9th 
Libby Adams
Boston Boston area 98 Reed Street

 Saturday 10th
Agathe Whitehead
Sunday 11th 
Lisa Norris

Monday 12th 
Carmen Villar

JOA Community Responsibilities – Garden Community School


The Garden  Open Community School

The Garden Open Community School, is based in a Lusaka in a low income residential area.  The school has an enrollment of 862 children eager for education but facing significant hardship.  The student-teacher ratio is 1 to 85 and, perhaps more disheartening, the school has only 3 toilets for boys and another 3 for girls. We hope you agree with us that apart from skilled teachers and school supplies, a clean learning environment is essential and that the toilet sharing is dismal.


It is in this regard that Jewel of Africa is raising funds through a percentage of our sales to build extra sanitation facilities to keep the school environment hygienic and free of smells and inhibit the transmission of harmful bacteria and parasites.

For a number of reasons, absenteeism and drop out, particularly among girls, is very high.  Many girls leave school when they reach puberty and the majority drop out of school before completing primary education.

This project will assist the 862 children at the Garden Open Community School in Lusaka, Zambia to complete primary and secondary education by providing a better learning environment through construction of improved permanent toilets. Successful implementation of this project will increase interest of most children to remain in school.



Problem Specific

The main challenge at Garden Open Community School is the high toilet to pupil ratio. At present around 140 pupils share 1 toilet. In addition, the toilets lack privacy and hygiene promotion facilities.

Jewel of Africa Would Like to Achieve

The project will construct new toilets blocks to triple the capacity. This will reduce congestion in the use of toilets, improve sanitation, promote hygiene and privacy.  This will encourage many children especially girls to complete their education.

The impact in the Garden Community in general will be to:

  • Increase literacy level
  • Reduce number of school drop-outs
  • Increase opportunities for residents in the Garden Community through education

This project will require an approximate budget of $10,000 for construction and maintenance. Jewel of Africa is therefore offering 20% Off the catalogue price during the Jewel of Africa US trunk shows to encourage sales. From those sales, 5% of the total will go towards this project.

Others JOA charity activities:

Kayulah Childhood Cancer Foundation (KCCF)
Jewel of Africa has offered bespoke pieces of jewelry to be auctioned at the annual Kayulah Fundraiser. The funds are used towards maintenance of the house which hosts the family of the patient during their treatment at UTH

House of Moses – Infant Orphanage

Part of our corporate social responsibility is to give back to the underprivileged communities. We give in-kind products and materials to infants that have been abandoned or have lost their mother in childbirth. Their needs are basic and yet expensive including infant formula, cleaning materials (nappies, wipes), clothing and of course, cuddles and quality time.

Mapili Youth Soccer Academy
At Jewel of Africa, we believe that sport is an important force to improve youth development, social inclusion and crime prevention among the youth. Jewel of Africa actively sponsors these orphans with transport, food, soccer jerseys and equipment for the soccer team.

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