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Rashmi Sharma, gemologist and owner of Jewel of Africa headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia – will be making her annual trip to the United States.

Please see below for the date and contact information of the event nearest you and register here or kindly RSVP to the host.

USA Gems and Jewellery shows 2018


Wednesday, November 28 

Washington, D.C.


Thursday, November 29 

Falls Church, Virginia


Friday, November 30

Atlanta, Georgia


Saturday, December 1st 

Atlanta, Georgia


Sunday, December 2 

Alexandria, Virginia


Sunday, December 2nd  

Cabin John, Maryland


Monday, December 3 

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Tuesday, December 4

Los Altos Hills, California


Thursday, December 6

New York City, New York


Friday, December 7 

Westfield, New Jersey


Saturday, December 8

Boston, Massachusetts


Saturday, December 8

Lexington, Massachusetts

Sunday, December 9th

Washington, D.C.

Sunday, December 9th  

Baltimore, Maryland

Special thanks to our new hosts this year.
Thank you for opening new doors for the Jewel of Africa.
And for our old hosts thank you very much for your continued support, you are special.

What to Expect

  • Cost: Because Rashmi’s family operates the mining business, the prices do not include the usual middleman and/or import/export costs. Prices of the gems and jewelry that Rashmi will have on hand will range from the very affordable (great gifts for the teens in your life) to the wow-not-even-remotely-in-my-budget-but-it-sure-would-look-great-on-me-when-I-accept-my Oscar kind of things. Rashmi will provide full valuation certificates, which should suffice for insurance purposes.
  • Custom work: Another savings is with the custom work. Because Rashmi has jewelers and metalsmiths on staff, the price for custom pieces is usually based on the cost of the metal, the cost of the gems(s) and only a nominal additional fee for labor. You can discuss custom pieces when she’s here; there are systems in place to have them couriered back from Zambia to you in a reasonable.

As she does every year, Rashmi will be bringing with her loads of loose and set gems – emeralds, tanzanite, tourmalines (black, green & pink), amethyst, citrine, garnets (red, pink, fireball oranges and green) – as well as pieces from her silver Bushman collection (African animal charms, bracelets, necklaces and the like).

What’s Hot?
Zambian Emerald and Mozambican Ruby

Zambia and Mozambique respectively offer the finest quality of emerald and ruby. Both coloured by chromium and ranking top 3 with diamond. It is the perfect time to invest in those gems as their value is steadily increasing.

Place your order now

Discover our latest collection on or create your bespoke jewellery piece with Rashmi by emailing us at or Whatsapp: +1(202) 621-3467.

Please feel free to forward this message to any friends, colleagues or family who might be interested.

Recent Accomplishments
In the past year, Jewel of Africa has notched up some amazing milestones:
  • Garden Community School. Some of the proceeds from the 2016 US tour were donated to the Garden Community School and put toward very good use.  In 2016, the school had only 6 toilets for 846 children, water was available only in the morning, and there was no tap for drinkable water.  Today, the toilet capacity has tripled, there is no more congestion in the toilets and the hygiene has improved tremendously.  Because the endeavor was so successful last year, a portion from all sales in the US during this trip will be donated to the School for continued improvements.
  • JoA Success at Zambian Emerald Auction.  Emeralds from Zambia are of the highest quality and so, not surprisingly, the auctions for these stones attract many international bidders.  For the very first time, a Zambian company – Jewel of Africa – bid on and won!
  • Five top quality emerald were infused with Nanotech Synthetic DNA by Gübelin (the foremost Gem lab in the world).  These will serve as the world finest five gems with proof of provenance showing that they were mined, cut & polished and made into jewellery in  Zambia.  They can forever  be traced thanks to Gübelin “paternity” test.

A press article about the historic results of the auction and the plans for DNA testing of Zambian emeralds can be found here.

  • Expansion into a US market.  While still in early phases, Jewel of Africa is in early discussions with potential large-scale partners here in the United States and is also considering strategies for identifying and collaborating with independent jewelry businesses.  (Your suggestions are welcomed if you know of a shop in your area that might be interested in a connection with Jewel of Africa).
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