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18kt WG Trilogy Ring Eme.1.02ct;Dia.2x5pt

8kt WG "Horse pendant"

18kt White gold pave ring

9kt yellow gold/silver

Silver Wedding Band

Emerald White Gold Ring | 3.9g

Emerald White Gold Ring | 18

Silver solitaire channel set

18kt YG Bezel Set Earrings ings Ov. Green Tm. 7.0ct(x2

18kt RG Flower Cuff Bangle 17 pieces Tourm.:Dia.10

14kt WG Dennis Bracelet Pink Tm.6.6ct(x11):Dia.20x

18kt YG Heart Pendant Emerald3.37ct;Dia.0.28ct(x28

18kt WG Bezel Pendant Eme. Ov. 3.14ct:TD.3.40ct :D

18kt YG Cage Set Earrings 19.82ctx2;Dia.0.431ctx157

Turquoise Necklace

9Kt WG "Girdle Wrap" Pendant Rect. Aqu. 4.93cts

Silver Bezel Sqiggle Bail Pendant Aqua.Trill. 5.92ct;Rd. 0.20ct

18kt Yellow Gold Heliodor 25.91ct Girdle Wrap Pendant

18kt White Gold Pearshape Aquamarine 13.3ct:Diamonds 3x2pt nw Girdle Wrap Bottom Cage Pendant

14YG/18YG Morgn. 12.52ct "Girdle Wrap" Necklace

9kt YG "Diamond Frame Fancy" Pendant Aqua.22.1ct:6x15pt

18kt WG "Classic" Pendant Td. Aqua. 5.04ct :Dia.24x2pt

18kt Yg "Swan" Pendant Ov. Heliodor 3.5ct:Dia.10x1pt

Silver Cage With Flat Sheet Pendant Aqua. 57.21ct

18kt YG "Bezel" Pendant Aqua.3.9ct

16kt Yellow Gold "B.m Bail" Pendant Morganite ?ct

11kt WG "Budding" Pendant Aqua.2.46ct

18kt YG "Double Claw" Pendant Morg. 17.3ct

Silver Leaf Pendant Aqua. 0.865ct(x3)

18kt YG Butterfly Pendant Aqua. 0.58ct

18kt WG Leaf Pendant Aqua.1.56ct(x6)

18kt WG Stair way Pendant Aqua.22.61ct;Dia.138x1/2pt,8x2pt

18kt WG Lisbon Pendant Aqua.5.177ct,0.267ct;Dia.1x3pt

18kt WG Girdle Wrap Pendant Aqua.146ct ;Dia.20x1pt(w)

18kt WG Pave Pendant Aqua. 4.65ct;Dia.22x1pt(w)

Silver Butterfly Pendant Aqua.1.08ct

Silver Swan Pendant Morg.1.30ct

18kt YG Butterfly Pendant Aqua.1ct

Silver Africa Pendant Aqua.0.49ct

18KT YG Cage Pendant Morg.1.50ct

18KT Calabash Ring Aqua.0.5ct

18KT WG Cage Pendant Aqua.0.60ct,Dia 2pt

14kt RG Pave Pendant Morg.1.53ct:Dia.0.23ct(x40)

9kt WG Triple Flat Shank" Ring Rect. Aqua. 1.32ct "

WG D.Row Pave Ring Ov. Aqua. 4.48ct;Dia. 67 x 1/2pt

WG "Trilogy" Ring Aqua. 1.77ct & 0.48ct(x2)

YG "U" Shank Rin Baguette Heliodor 6.83ctg

WG "Corporate" Ring Ov. Aqua. 2.32ct & Td. 0.76ct(x2)

18kt Yellow Gold Rectangle Morganite 22.6ct "Girdle Wrap" Triple Shank Ring

18kt White Gold Square Aquamarines 9.34ct & 1.19ct(x4) "Bubble" Ring

18kt WG "Classic" Ring Aqua. 5.6ct: Dia.24x2pt

Silver "Signet" Ring Aqua. 2.40ct

18kt YG Aqua.13.87ct :Dia.24x3pt "Pave" Ring

18kt YG Morg.7.79ct;Dia.57x1pt "Effie" Ring

18kt YG Morgan. 2.88ct:1.04ct & 1.11ct Trilogy Ring

18kt Wg Aqua.1.05ct Calabash Ring

18kt WG "Oyster" Ring Rd. Aqua. 1.97ct

18kt YG "Tripod" Ring Aqua.1.525ct; Dia.3x2pt

18kt WG "Bezel" Ring Aqua. 1.44ct

18kt WG Tappered Bezel Ring Aqua. 4.82ct

18kt WG " Pave Split Shank" Ring Marg.Aqua. 3ct;Dia. 24x2pt

18kt WG Frame Ring Aqua. 18.69ct; Dia. 2x10pt

18kt WG/YG Pave Ring Aqua.11.15ct;Dia/25x2pt(w)

Silver Bezel Ring Aqua. 5.51ct

Silver Tappered Ring Aqua. 3.46ct

18kt WG Trilogy Ring Aqua.1.53ct;Morg.1.9ct

18kt WG Cage Set Ring Aqua. 7.03ct

18KT WG Splint Shank Ring Marq.Aqua.4.23ct

18kt YG "Flame" Earrings Citrine 9.69ct

18kt WG Girdle Wrap Earrings Cit. 7.75ct,9.1ct,9.8ct,9.5ct,1.9ct(x2);Sq.2.85ct(x2);Blk Dia. 94x2pt

18kt YG Cage Set Earrings Citr. 25.03ct(x2)

18kt YG Girdle Wrap Earrings Cit.51.07ct,52.79ct

18kt YG Cage Set Studs Cit.7.51ct,Gar.5.34ct,Yell.Sap.4x3pt

18kt YG Cage Heart Studs Cit. 2.34ct(x2)

Silver Fancy Earr.Sm.Qrtz. 36.60ct(x2);Cz 48xwhite,24xpurple

18kt Yellow Gold Checkerboard Cushion Cut Prasiolite 12.78ct Bezel Set Ring

18kt White Gold Checkerboard Cushion Cut Prasiolite 12.94ct "Dot" Ring

18kt YG Prasiolite 7.53ct "Square Split Shank" Ring

18kt WG 'Classic' Ring Prasio.49.52ct: Diam.42x3pt

18kt Ygt "Ball" Ring Prasio.11.75ct;Dia. 2x10c

14kt YG Channel Necklace Cit. 75.74ct(x55)

18kt YG Pave Pendant Cit. 3.35ct;Dia.23x1pt(nw)

9kt YG Leaf Pendant Smoky Quartz 18.55ct

18kt YG Wire Work Pendant Cit.41.89ct

18kt YG Wire Work Pendant Quartz 37.19ctct

Silver Spoon Pendant Citrine 5.31ct

18KT WG Pendant Cit.5ct,Dia 5ptx2

18kt YG Heart Necklace 14kt YG Chain Cit.5.81ct

9kt WG "Flower" Studs Trill. Bezel Set Eme. 1.19ct(x2)

12kt WG "Dia. Shaped Mould Frame"Earrings Eme.3.04ct(x2):Dia.4x5pt:2x2pt

18kt WG Td. Pave Studs Eme. 1.13ct(x2),26ct(x2) :Dia.102x1pt

18kt WG Lockable Earrings Eme. 7.92ct(x2)

18kt WG Eme.1.92ct(x2) "Bezel" Studs

18kt WG Fancy Drop Earr. Td. Eme. 4.71ct(x2) ;Dia. 96x1pt

18kt YG "Bezel" Eme.2.72ct(x2) Silver Floral Frame Earrings

14kt WG "Tri-Leaf" Studs Eme. 2.44ct(x6):Dia.100x1pt

18kt YG "Collen" Design Ring Td. Tanz.1.48ct ( N)

18kt WG "Pave Bezel" Studs Eme. 2.09ct(x2); Dia. 40x2pt

18kt YG "Curved" Studs Td. Eme.1.3ct(x2)

18kt YG 'Loop"Earrings Eme1. 70ct (x4).Dia 10x2pt

18kt YG Bezel Studs Eme. 0.6ct(x2)

18kt YG Flower Studs Emerald 0.35ct(x2);1.56ct(x12)

18kt YG Bezel Studs Eme. 1.23ct(x2)

18kt YG Pave Earrings Green Onyx 14.02ct(x2) ;White Sapp.3.9ct(x2)

14kt YG Waterfall Earr. Eme.41.09ct(x264);Dia.1.65ct(x111)

14kt WG Pave Studs Eme. 0.5ct(x2);Dia.24x1pt

14kt WG Cage Set Earr. Ov.Em.1.25ct(x2);Dia.0.26ct(x18)

14kt WG Cage Set Earr.1.068ct(x2);Dia.6x1pt,12x2pt

Silver/18kt YG Bomba Earrings Eme. 0.28ct(x2)

18kt WG Pave studs Eme.6.02ct(x2); Dia.48x1pt

18kt WG Bezel Studs Eme. 0.79ct(x2) (0.40ct/0.39ct)

18kt YG Butterfly & flower Earrings Eme. ;Dia.

9kt WG & YG "Bracket" Ring Em.1.5ct 6.22x5.79mm

18kt WG Split Shank Tangin Ring Ov. Eme. 1.23ct;Paved Dia. 28x1pt(GsI1)

18kt Wg Em.4.14ct "Swivel" Ring

18kt YG Bezel Eme.3.8ct "Bezel Set" Sil.Twist Shank Ring

18kt WG Eme. 1.57ct "Bezel" Signet Ring

18kt WG Eme.1.47ct:Dia.10x2pt "Signet" Ring

18kt White Gold Emerald Ring

18kt WG Eme. 0.74ct "Lei" Ring

18kt WG Eme.0.71ct :Dia.12x2pt "Classic" Ring

14kt WG Eme.1.27ct :Dia. 0.87ct "Cluster" Ring

9kt WG "Snake Shank" Ring Eme.9.55ct:Dia.19x1pt:53x1/2pt

12kt WG Gothic Ring Td. Cab. Eme.10.5ct:0.65ct(x2)

9kt WG "Trilogy" Ring Eme.1.36ct:Dia.2x5pt

18kt WG "Tangin" Ring Cab. Em.2.71ct; Dia.8x2pt,12x1pt

18kt WG "Bezel Single Shoulder" Ring Eme. 3.27ct; Dia. 7x2pt

18kt YG "Tappered Bezel" Ring Rd.Eme. 0.91ct Silver Shank

18kt Wg "Cage set" Ring Eme. 1.19ct

18kt WG "Channel" Ring Eme. 2.23ct(x21)

18kt WG Tangin Ring Eme.1.8ct:Dia.6x1pt

Silver Celtic Ring Emerald 2.28ct

18kt WG Classic Ring Eme.2.7ct;Dia.Rd. 2.35ct(x40);Buq.0.22ct(x28)

Silver Bezel Ring Em.9ct

Silver 1/2 Bracket Ring Eme. 3.44ct

14kt WG Cluster Ring Eme.0.66ct; Dia.0.87ct

18KT Yg/Wg Signet Ring Eme.1.24ct

18kt YG Classic Pendant Eme.1.91ct;Dia.16x2pt;3x3pt

18kt Classic Spaced Pendant Eme.1.42ct;9x2pt

18kt YG Clover Pendant Eme. 0.60(x3);Dia.10pt

18KT YG Classic Pendant Cage Set.Eme.0.83ct,Dia 2pt x14 (nw)

18kt YG Spoon Pendant Eme.0.68ct

18kt YG Classic Pendant Eme.2.67ct;Dia.18x2pt (nw)

18t YG Pave Pendant Eme.1.41ct;Dia. 28x1pt

18kt YG Floral Mould Pendant Td. Em. 0.71ct

18kt YG Classic Pendant Eme.2.4ct;Dia.18x2pt(nw)

18kt YG Cage & Pave Pendant Eme.0.45ct,0.55;Dia.8x1pt(nw),3x1/2pt(w)

18kt YG Cage Set Pendant Eme. 0.82ct

18kt YG KUDU Pendant Eme. 2.8ct;Dia.21x1pt (nw)

18kt YG Claw Pendant Eme.6.98ct;2.33ct

18kt YG Classic Pendant Eme. 0.92ct; Dia. 8x3pt

18kt YG Cage in Frame Pendant Eme.1.5ct;Dia.3.3pt (nw)

18kt YG "Spoon" Pendant Td. Eme. 0.725ct

18kt YG "Bezel Set" Pendant Ov. Eme. 4.7ct

18kt YG "Butterfly" Pendant Emerald 0.45ct

18kt YG Classic Pendt Eme.2.79ct;Dia.10x3pt;G.Onyx 10x3pt

18kt YG Swan Pendant Eme. 1.88ct

18kt YG Eme.3.71ct Bezel Pendant

18kt YG Emerald 0.38ct :Dia. 4x10pt "Cross" Pendant

18kt YG/WG Eme,.1.28ct: Dia.2(4pt,5pt)1x10pt Pendant

18kt YG Td. Em. 1.87cts "Slide Through" Pendant

16kt YG Tril. Em. 1ct "Twisted Td. Frame" Pendant

18kt WG " Swan" Pendant Td.Eme.1.39ct Pendant

9kt WG "Flower" Pendant Trill. Bezel Set Eme. 2.95ct

18kt WG "Lisbon" Pendant Trill. Eme. 1.7ct;Dia. 1x5pt;3x2pt

18kt WG "Leaf" Pendant Margu. Eme. 6.60ct;Dia. 71x0.01ct

18kt WG Leaf Choker Eme.66.65ct(x8);Dia.61x2pt

18kt WG Effie Pendant Eme. 5.13ct: Dia. 56x2pt: 6x1pt

18kt WG "Classic" Heart Pendant EM. 2.43ct :Dia. 16x2pt

9kt WG "Pave" Pendant Eme.8.7ct Dia.25x5pt

18kt WG "Fish" Pendant Eme. 1.58ct::Dia 26x1pt

16kt WG "Bezel" Pendant Eme. 2.24ct

9kt Clasp & Chain/14kt"Bead & Flower" Necklace Eme.10.1ct,1.07ct; ;Dia.25x5pt,37x2pt,22x3pt

18kt WG "Classic" Pendant Emerald 1.32ct;Dia.15x2pt

14kt WG " Pave" Necklace Eme. 24.13ct(x35); Dia. 575x2pt

18kt WG "Cus. Pave Frame" Pendant Eme. 0.49ct; Dia. 21x1pt

18Kt Wg "Bu-Jin" Pendant Eme. 5.10ct Pink Sapp. 0.16ct; Y. Sapp.0.33ct;Blue Sapp 0.36ct

18kt YG Pave Pendant Eme. 0.26ct,1.85ct;Dia.14x1/2pt

16kt WG Rhod. Plat. Dia. Frame Pendant Eme.2.55ct;Dia.160x1/2pt

18kt WG Flower Pendant Eme. 1.03ct; Dia.8x2pt(w)

18kt WG Grape Pendant Eme.0.993ct,1.59ct(x4);Dia.4x2pt(w)

18kt WG Cabachon Pendant Eme.10.5ct,3.27ct;Dia.7x1/2pt

Silver Africa Bezel Pendant Eme.0.46ct Rect.

Silver/18kt YG Bomba Pendant Eme.0.25ct

18kt WG Half Moon Pendant Eme. 5.06ct;Dia.28x2pt(w)/Dia.Necklace Rb.2.29ct(x358);0.71ct(x50)

18kt WG Pave Fish Pendant Eme.0.80ct;Dia.17x1/2pt

18kt WG Td. Floral Frame Pendant Td. Eme. 0.95ct

18kt WG Pave Pendant Trill. Eme.2.37ct;Dia.30x1pt(w)

14kt WG Eternity Pendt. Em.0.77ct(x13);Dia.0.16ct(x13)

18kt YG V Shaped Ring Ptm. 1.8ct;Dia.5x1/2pt(nw)

18kt WG Pave Ring Ptm. 1.97ct;Dia.8x2pt;20x1pt

18kt YG Twist Split Shank Solitaire Ring Rubel.7.29ct

18kt Yg Trilogy Ring Rubel. Tm. 2.5ct;Dia2x10pt

Silver Tangin Ring Pink Tm.2.41ct;1.45ct(x6)

18kt YG Twisted Shank "Bezel Set" Ring Rect. Gtm. 4.77ct

18kt YG "Corporate" Ring G.Tm. 12.48ct :2.69cts (x4)

14kt YG "Trilogy" Ring G .Tm. 5.21ct 4.77cts(x2)

18kt WG Bi-Colour Tm. 1.59ct :23 x0.01ct Dia. Ring

18kt YG Coprate Ring PTm. 5.48ct ,G Tm. 0.97ct(x2)

18kt Yellow Gold Round Green Blue Tourmaline 3.57ct "Petal"Ring

18kt Yellow Gold Bi-Colour Tourmaline 45.26ct with Weave Shank and Wire Work Bars over Gem Ring

14kt WG "Channel" Ring Baguette Wtm.1.08ct(x6)

18kt YG Oval Green T.M 8..38ct & Yellow T.M 2.9ct(x2) "Trilogy" Split Shank Ring

18kt Yellow Gold Pink Tourmaline 3.89ct; Diamonds 8x1pt "Bracket" Ring

Sil. Multi Gem Ring Wtm 1.27ct;Gtm.2.22ct; Ptm.2.61ct,Rtm1.16ct

18kt YG "D.Claw Twisted Frame" Ring Green tm. 6.12ct

18kt YG "Stack" Ring Td. Pink Tm.3.74ct

18kt YG "Boat" Ring Bi-colour Tm.7.66ct:Dia.4x1pt

18kt YG/WG "Bottle" Ring Pink Tm.2.85ct

18kt YG "Corporate" Ring Ptm.3.28ct:Tz1.52ct(x2)

18kt YG "Solitaire" Ring Pink Tm.4.26ct

YG "Solitaire" Ring Rubel.Tm. 5.36ct

18kt YG "Bezel" Silver Shank Ring Ptm.8.9ct

14kt YG "Marj" Ring Bi-Colour 3ct

18kt YG "Yurman" Ring Green Tm.4.14ct

18kt YG "Yurman" Ring Blue Green Tm.3.27ct

18kt YG "Boat" Ring Green Tm.8.22ct:4x1pt

18kt YG "U"Shank Ring Green Tm. 8.37ct

18kt YG "Twist Frame" Split Shank Ring G. Tm.12.5ct

18kt WG " Solitaire" Ring Green Tm. 4.96ct

18kt YG "Hand"Design Ring WTm.6.71ct Silver Shank

18kt YG "Double Claw" Ring Blue Tm.7.8ct Silver Shank

18kt YG "Split Shank" Ring Green Tm.8.95ct:1.35ct(x4)

18kt YG "Triple Shank" Ring Rubel.Tm. 15.10ct

18kt YG " Shoulder " Ring Bi-Colour Tm.8.85ct Dia.22x3pt

18kt YG "Trilogy" Ring Wtm.5.25ct:Ptm.2.22ct(x2)

Silver "Bracket" RingBlue Green Tm. 11.65ct

18kt YG Cab. Pink Tm. 46.5ct "Girdle Wrap" Ring

18kt YG 1/2 Bezel Ring Bi-Colour Tm. 4.66ct Silver Shank

18kt WG "Shoulder Solitaire" Ring Green Tm. 8.9ct

18kt YG Channel Ring RTm. 2.06ct(x3): PTm.1.22ct(x2)

18kt WG "Floral Shoulder Solitaire" Ring Pink Tm.3.15ct

18kt WG "Floral Shoulder" Solitaire Ring Ov. W. Tm. 2.70ct

18kt YG"Cage Set" D. Split Shank Ring Wtm. 9.0ct

Silver Bezel Ring Cab.Blue Tm. 8.01ct

18kt Wg "Solitaire" Ring Gtm. 7.18ct

18kt Yg"Solitaire" Ring Wtm 5.04ct

18kt Yg "Solitaire"Ring Wtm.6.19ct

18kt YG Ptm 4.04ct "Solitaire" Ring

18kt Yg Pink Tm. 7.8ct;Dia.4x5pt.|"Boat" Ring

18kt WG "Double" Ring Td. Bi-Colour Tm. 2.25ct

18kt YG "U"Shank Ring Green Tm. 7.33ct

Silver "Channel" Ring Pink Tm. 3.33ct(x5)

16kt YG "Girdle Wrap" Ring Cabac.Pink Tm.14.27ct

18kt WG "Heart" Ring Rubell. 1.31ct

18kt YG "Petal" Ring Green Tm. 2.82ct

18kt Yg/Wg "Bracket" Ring Bi-Colour Tm. 4ct(x2)

18kt YG " Bezel" Ring Bi-Colour Tm.4.57ct, 1.57ct(x4)

18kt YG "Bezel" Ring Bi-Colour Tm. 2.91ct,1.76ct(x6)

Silver "Bezel" Ring Green Tm. 5.77ct

18kt WG Cage Set Ring Green Tm. 12.67ct; Dia.152x1pt

Silver "Triple Wire Shank" Ring Green Tm. Bead 10.49ct

Silver "Triple Wire Shank" Ring Orange Tm. Bead 10.94ct

Silver "Triple Wire Shank" Ring Pink Tm. Bead 11.81ct

Silver "Twisted" Ring Green Tm. 19.90ct

18kt YG "Swirl Shoulder Ring Bi-Colour Tm. 4.49ct; Dia.20x1/2pt

18kt WG Marj" Ring Green Tm. 2.13ct; Dia. 0.44ct(x2)

18 kt WG "Bead" Wive work Ring GTM 12.65

18kt YG "Triple Shoulder" Ring Green Tm. 9.1ct; Dia 41x1pt

18kt YG Split Shank Ring

18kt WG Trilogy Ring Bi-Colour Tm. 3.26ct, Ptm.2ct,; Gtm.1.25ct

Silver Claw Ring Tm. Cats Eyes 23.78ct

Silver Bezel Set Ring Bi-Colour Tm. 4.46ct

18kt YG Split Shank Ring Bi-Colour Tm. 13.3ct;Ptm.2x10pt. Gtm.2x10pt

18kt WG Trilogy Split Shank Ring Gtm.2.489ct;3.13ct(x2)

Sil. Shank/18kt YG Cage Set Ring Ptm.3.61ct,3.16ct,1.68ct

18kt YG Zig Zag Ring Ptm.1.81ct,1.42ct,0.98ct

18kt WG Bracket Ring Green Tm.8.22ct

18kt WG Trilogy Split Shank Ring Ptm.4.81ct,3.75ct,1.82ct

18kt WG Trilogy Split Shank Ring Tm,8.99ct:Gtm.3.14ct(x2)

18kt YG Cage Set Ring Pink Tm. 5.68ct

18kt WG Cage Set Ring Pink Tm. 8.77ct

Silver /18 kt YG Bracket Ring Blue Tm.2ct

Silver "Channel" Ring Pink Tm. 4.22ct(x3)

18kt WG Bi-Colour Tm. 4.98cts (x2) Dia. 0,56 (x56) "Pave" Earrings

18kt YG "Bottle" Pendant Helio. 2.10ct(x2);Drav. 5.63ct(x2)

18kt YG Drop Earrings 8.25ct(x2);Yell.Tm. 4.56ct(x2); 25.20ct(x2)

16kt YG P.Tm.10.67ct(x14);Dia. 83x1pt "Flower"Studs

16kt WG GTm. 5.5ct(x2);10ct(x6) "Cage Set" Long Drop "Studs

14kt YG Pave Earrings Td. R.Tm. 23.54ct:Dia.1.30ct(x106)

14kt YG Flamingo Earr.R.Tm.3.61ct(x2):15.40ct(x2):Dia.4x3pt

14kt WG Drop Earr. Rubel. Tm. 11.62ct(x2):Dia.2x5pt:18x1pt

14kt/18kt WG Gage Set Earr. R.Tm. 3.96ct(X2):Dia.26x1pt

16kt WG Ptm.1.87ct:Dia.36x1pt "Classic" Studs

16kt YG Red.Tm. 3.80ct(x2):Dia.40x2pt(nw) "Cage & Pave" Studs

18kt YG Pave Earrings Black Tm. 9.53ct(x2) :Dia.58x2pt 14kt WG :8x1pt

Silver "D. Claw" Earrings B.Tm. 33.6ct(x2);Sapp.3.85ct(x2)

Silver "Slice" Earrings W.Tm.18.5ct(x2);4.00ct(x2)

18kt YG "Cage Set "Slice Earrings WTm.45.48ct(x2)

18kt YG Cage Set Earrings W. Tm. 13.65ct(x2);Dia.0.26(x18)

18kt YG "Cage Set" Studs Pink Tm. 6.29ct(x2)

18kt WG Dia. Hook(14kt WG) Earrings Blue Tm. 19.96ct(x2): Dia. 0.26ctx18pt

18kt YG "Cage Set" Earrings Green Tm. 9.8ct(x2);Dia24x1pt

Silver "Bezel" Earrings Black Tm. 6.37ct(x2)

18kt YG "Cage Set" Earrings Watermelon Tm. Slice 20.84ct(x2)

18kt YG "Bezel Set" Earrings Ov. Green Tm. 7.0ct(x2)

18kt Yg "Girdle Wrap" Earrings Pink Tm. 10.95ct(x2)

18kt YG "Tower" Earrings Green Tm.3.18ct(x2)'; Pink Tm. 1.86ct(x6)

9kt "Slice " Earring with Kudu Black Tm. 35.5ct (x2)

18kt YG "Slice "Earring PTM 27.93ct Gtm 18.71ct

14kt YG "Cage Set" Earrings Pink Tm. 18.32ct with 9kt YG Hooks

18kt Yg Cage Set Studs Gtm.3.28ct(x2)

18kt WG Cage Studs Gtm.8.13ct (x2); Dia. 0.83ct (x70)

Silver Twisted Frame Earrings Blue Green Tm. 13.6ct(x20

14kt YG Pave Earrings Tm. Slices 12.29ct,13.06ctm,Ptm.1.15ct(x2);Dia.158x1pt

18kt YG Girdle Wrap Earrings Y.Tm. 20.05ct(x2)

18kt YG Cage & Pave Earrings Gtm.18.74ct,9.92ct(x2),Onyx 60x3pt

18kt YG Slice Earrings Bi Colour Tm. Trill 12.62ct(x2),Rect.36.77ct(x2)

18kt YG Slice Earrings Bi-Colour Tm. 18.62ct(x2)

18kt YG Girdle Wrap Earrings Bi-Colour Tm.12.03ct(x2)

18kt WG Budding Earrings Td. Gtm.7.52ct(x2)

9kt YG Africa Studs Ptm.3.50ct(x2)

18kt YG Wire Work Africa Earrings Tm. Slices 11.53ct(x2)

13kt WG "Pave Set" Studs 4.84ct(x2) ;Dia.46 X1pt

Silver "Flame" Earrings Garnet 28.26ct(x2)

18Kt Yg "D Claw Cage Set" Studs Spess. 2.19ct (x2)

14kt YG Abstract Earrings Spess.33.17ct(x8)

14kt RG Cage & Pave Studs Tsavrite 2.60ct(x2)

18kt YG Hess.2.83ct "Bud" Ring

14kt YG Spess. 8.50ct:Dia.44x1/2pt Annalise Ring

18kt YG Hess.7.1ct :Diam.72x1/2pt "Pave Split Shank" Ring

18kt YG Garnet 7.33ct;Dia. 28x1pt. Ring

18kt YG Spess.3.6ct "Stack" Ring

18kt YG Spess.4.40ct "Bud" Ring

9kt YG Spess.4.24ct "Stack" Ring

18kt YG Wtm.3.19ct:Citr.2.28ct(x3):Garn.5.33ct(x3) "Multi' Ring

18kt WG Green Garn. 7.55ct :Dia.28x1pt & 8x3pt "Cage & Pave" Ring

18kt WG "Floral Shoulder Solitaire" Ring Ov. Spess. 3.74ct

18kt YG 'Solitaire"Ring Garnet 8.68ct

18kt YG "Bracket" Ring Spess.5.55ct & Silver Shank

9kt YG "Marj" Ring Tsavorite 4.95ct

18kt YG Girdle Wrap Ring P.s. Spess.5.4ct,Ov. Garn. 2.45(x2)

18kt YG "Pave & Cage" Ring Ov. Garnet 21.45ct; Dia.250x1/2 pt; 1x10pt

18kt YG Knot Ring Sand Stone 5.15ct

14kt YG Pave Overlap Ring Rh.Gar. 5.15ct;Dia.20x2pt(w)

18kt YG Peacock Ring Rby.3pt;Spess.1.47ct;Em.0.52ct;Tanz.0.98ct;Dia.12x1/2pt

18kt WG Cage Set Ring Garn. 8.68ct

18kt YG "Fern" Pendant Ptm. 4.54cts (x3) 1.84cts (x2)

18kt YG Petal PendantTd. R.Tm. 12.02cts Dia.4x 3pts

Silver "Cage Set I Frame" Pendant Green Tm. 5.59cts

18kt YG Re G.Tour 10.57ct Cage Set Wire Work Pendt

18kt White Gold Teardrop Pink Tourmaline 2.10ct SWAN Pendant

18kt Yellow Gold/Silver Watermelon Slice 30.5ct;G.T.M 0.69ct;Pink.T.M 0.96ct;Pink.T.M 0.65ct on CALABASH Pendant

18kt YG "Butterfly" Pendant Wtm. Slices10.24ct(x4);Baguette 4.84ct

18kt Yellow gold Oval Dravite Tourmaline 12.39ct Pendant

14kt WG "Butterfly" Necklace Rubel. Tm.8.97ct:Dia.3.36ct

18kt YG Africa Pink Tm. 21.55ct & Diamond Edge 50x1pt

18kt YG "Kudu" Pendant Rubel. 5.77ct;Dia. 14x1pt

18kt YG Trillion Pink Tm. 7.6ct Pendant

18kt YG Green Tm. 6.77ct & pink Tm.2.31ct "Hut" Pendant

14kt WG "Pave" Frame Pendant Td. Rubel. Tm 7.95ct;Diam 48x1/2pt

18kt YG "Calssic" Pendant Wtm.6.61ct:Dia.36x1pt

18kt YG "Box" Bail Pendant Tril. Rubel.5.7ct:Dia.9x2pt

18kt YG "Twist & bezel" Pendant Rubel.2.56ct

18kt YG "Horse Shoe" Pendant "Bi-Colour Tm.3.92ct:Ptm.0.88ct

18kt YG "Infinity" Pendant Cab. Td.Pink Tm.6.81ct

18kt WG "Pave" Pendant Rubel.Tm. 2.8ct:Dia.20x2pt

16kt YG "Classic" Pendant Td.Rubel.Tm.11.89ct:Dia.25x2pt:6x4pt:5x5pt

18kt YG "Diagonal" Pendant Rubel. Tm.3.18ct

18kt YG "B.M bail" Pendant Ps. Green Tm. 8.41ct

18kt YG "Apple" Pendant Gtm.14.15ct:Dia. 2x2pt:3x1pt:Em.17x5pt

18kt WG "Lock" Pendant Ptm. 12.45ct:Dia.20x1pt

18kt YG Rubel. Tm. 3.00ct & Diam. 14x1pt "Effiel Tower" Pendant

14kt YG "Cylinder Bail" Pendant Ptm.3.29ct:Wtm. 18.18ct

18kt YG Ptm. 16.28ct Girdle Wrap Pendant

18kt WG WTm. 13.44ct "Girdle Wrap" Pendant

18kt YG Ptm. 14.41ct :Dia.. (5:4:3pt) "Cage Set: Pendant

18kt Yg Wtm.Slice 76.56ct "Slice" Pendant

16kt YG "Oval Mould Frame" Pendant Pink Tm. 7.9ct

18kt YG Wire Choker Wtm. 17.42ct Ptm.2.35ct:Gtm.15.25ct

18kt YG Bracket Neckla. GTm.9.77ct:34.71ct(x23):MG.25.6ct(x22)

16kt YG "D.Dia. Box Claw" Pendant BTm. 25.8ct:Dia.16x1pt

18kt YG Long Bail Cage Set Pendt. Pink Tm.8.255ct:Dia.5x2pt

Rhodium Plated Ribbon Pendant WTm.24.32ct Dia.0.63ct

18kt YG " Paved"Pendant Black Tm. 23.32ct:Dia.26x1pt

16kt WG "Swan" Pendant Bi-Colour Tm.5.85ct

18kt WG "Mrs Lei" Pendant Wtm.1.84ct:Ptm.0.75ct

14kt WG "Classic" Pendant GTm. 16.15ct:Dia.23x4pt:66x2pt

14kt WG Spoon Pendant Ruby 5.67ct

18kt YG "Cage Set" Pendant Ps. Dravite Tm.7.07ct :Dia.1x5pt

14kt YG "Cage Set" Pendant Ps.Pink Tm. 6.14ct

18kt WG "Classic" Pendant Gtm.19.85ct;Dia.31x2pt

18kt YG Slice & Baguette Pendt W.Tm.14.03ct;G. Tm. 3.29ct

Silver "Bezel" Pendant Black Tm. 6.535ct

14kt YG "Heart" Pendant Trill. Pink Tm. 2.42ct

18kt YG "Slide Through" Pendant Td. Pink Tm. 8.22ct

18kt YG "Bezel Set " Pendant Ov. Green Tm. 4.5ct

18kt Yg "Girdle Wrap" Pendant Pink Tm.10.47ct

18kt YG "Bag" Necklace WTm. 41.53ct 9Kt Yg Chain

18kt Wg "Cage Set " Pendant Aqua. 0.99ct ;GTm. 5.72ct

18kt WG "Lisbon" Pendant Trill. Bi-Colour Tm. 5.95ct; Dia.4x2pt

18kt YG "Classic" Pendant Rubel. Tm. 17.1ct; Dia. 35x2pt

18kt YG "Bujin" Pendant Green Tm. 12.11ct; Dia. 2x3pt;3x2pt; Pink Sapp. 20pt, Yell.Sapp. 20pt ,Green Sapp.20pt

18kt YG "Girdle Wrap" Pendant Green Tm. 3.61ct

18kt YG Bujin Pendant Gtm.22.15ct; 1.6ct(x40)

18kt YG Girdle Cage Pendant Gtm.9ct

Silver Twisted Frame Pendant Blue Green Tm. 15.55ct

18kt YG Floral Pendant Green Tm. 1.16ct

18kt YG Girdle Wrap Pendant Rubel.Tm. 8.5ct; Dia.2x1/2pt,8x1pt,1x2pt

18kt YG Slice Pendant Wtm. 27.15ct

18kt WG Girdle Wrap Pendant Td. PTm. Cab.21.65ct;Dia.3x5pt Baugette

Silver Flower Brooch 9kt YG Pin Wtm. 16.55ct

18kt YG Claw Cab.Pendant Wtm.31.25ct;Dia 20x2pt(w)

Silver Bezel Slide Through Pendant Ptm. 3.73ct

18Kt Wg Dream Catcher Pendant Ptm.0.87ct,Gtm 0.88ct.

9kt WG D. Claw Cage Set Pendant Green Tm.62.59ct;Dia.4x10pt

9kt WG Curved Pendant Green Tm. Rd.3.37ct,Trill.28ct;Dia.16x2pt

18kt WG Curved Pendant GTm. 1.86ct,1.90ct

18kt YG Girdle Cage Pendant Bi-Colour Tm. 12.96ct

18kt WG Budding Pendant Td. Gtm.6.36ct

9kt YG Africa Pendant Ptm.1.70ct

18kt YG Wire Work Pendant Garnet10.24ct ;Dia. 2x5pt(nw)

Silver Girdle Wrap Pendant GTM.3.88ct

18KT YG Girdle Wrap Pendant ptm 3.33ct

Silver Slice Pendant With Africa Tm 82.45ct

Silver Wire Work Pendant Slice Tm. 65.98ct

14kt YG Spinel 2.4ct :Dia. 6x1pt "Triple Shank" Ring

18kt YG "Pave" Pendant Cab. Opal 2.46ct:Dia.23x2pt

18kt YG "Multi Gem Map of Zambia" Ring Em.0.19ct,Ptm. 0.11ct:Am.0.13ct:Gtm.0.085ct:Dia.0.03ct,Aqua.0.03ct Gar.0.16ct

18kt YG Multi Gem Necklace Am. & Green Am.141.45ct(x12)6xPearls:Dia.0.08ct(x16)

18kt YG Multigems 32.67ct "Cage Set" Necklace

18kt YG Multigems "Bezel" Necklace Aq.5.44ct(x6)Am.5.2ct(x6)Gr.8.24ct(x7)Cit.4.8ct(x7)Per.6.64ct(x6)

16kt YG Multigems "Cage set" Bracelet

Silver "Multi Gem" Necklace

14kt YG "Lockable" Earrings Blue Topaz 42.52ct(x2)

Sil. & YG Root Pendant Am.3.38ct,Gtm.1.53ct,Ptm.0.66ct,Em.0.68ct,Spess.1.32ct

Silver / YG Plated "Bezel Set" Drop Earrings with hook Peridot 18.79ct(x10)

9kt YG "Cage Set" Earrings Chrysoprase 76.50ct(x14)

19kt YG Flower Pendant 3.74ct; Dia. 0.77ct(x5)

19kt YG Flower Earrings 7.74ct(x2); Dia. 0.0.31ct(x2)

14Kt WG Pave Studs Ov. Spinel 1.45ct;1.7ct;Dia. 46x1pt

14kt WG Pave Studs Ov.Peridot 1.7ct;1.6ct;Dia.46x1pt

18kt YG Channel Ring Peridot 4x60pt

18kt YG Cage Set Earr. with Dia. Loops Chrysp. 18.52ct(x2);Dia.24x1/2pt(nw)

18kt YG Dangling Earrings Pearls 8.73ct(x2);Cz 6x2mm

Silver Bezel Earring Chrysoprase 2.5gm

9kt YG Classic Ring Peri. 1.634ct;Dia.20x1pt(nw)

14kt YG Multi Gem Fruit Earrings Cit.1.841ct(x2),Gar.1.656ct(x2),Aq.0.914ct(x2),Am.1.165ct(x2)

18kt YG Multi Gem Bracelet Aqua.2,Cit.2,Garn.3,Am.3,Peridot 2

18kt YG Leafy Earrings Aq.2.73ct(x5),Am.2(x3),Gar.2.71ct(x4),Cit.1.64ct(x3)

14kt YG Coral & Dia. Pave Earrings Coral ?, Dia. 168x1/2pt

18kt YG Butterfly Earrings Sapp.0.040ct(x8),Rub.0.021(x2),Eme.0.106(x16)

18kt YG Flower Earrings Eme.0.033ct(x2),Rub.0.028ct(x6)Sapp.0.119ct(x12)

18kt YG Flower Pendant Eme.0.044ct,Ruby 0.020ct(x3),Sapp.0.11ct(x6)

18kt YG Star Earrings Ruby0.066(x2),Sapp.0.077ct(x2),eme.0.111ct(x6)

18kt YG Star Pendant Ruby0.066ct(x2),Sapp.0.073ct,Eme.0.094ct(x3)

18kt YG Half Butterfly Earing Ruby 0.041ct(x2),Sapp.0.076ct(x6)

18kt YG Butterfly Earrings Ruby 0.066ct(x10),Eme.0.123ct(x12)

Silver Pink "Stingray" Cuff Bangle Caba. R.Tm. 15.23cts

14kt YG "Girdle Wrap Bracelet" PTm. 14.16ct(x12);Pave Dia. 0.57ct-22cm Long

18kt YG Ptm. 11.00ct(x11):Dia. 0.40ct(1pt) Bracelet

14kt YG Wtm. Beads"Bracelet 64.5ct

14kt YG "Bead" Bracelet Clasp WTM.88ct

SilverGreen Tourmaline 4.75ct(x2) "Square Bezel" T-Bar Cufflink

14kt WG "Dennis" Bracelet Pink Tm.6.6ct(x11):Dia.20x1pt

14kt YG "Bezel" Cuff Bangle Pink Tm. 11.14ct & Diam. 1.42ct(x46)

18kt YG 'Bezel Set"Silver T-Bar Cufflink Ov. Opal 29.57ct(x2)

18kt YG "Bezel" Silver T-Bar Cufflinks Wtm. Slices 18.34ct(x2)

Silver "Miss Match" Bullet Cufflinks Ptm. 3.30ct:0.32ct:4.16ct

Tourmaline Bead Bracelet 44.7ct

Tourmaline Bead Bracelet 73ct(x32)

18kt YG Pink Tm. 7.52ct(x5): Wtm.10.8ct(x6) "Cage Set" Bracelet

18kt YG Pink Tm. 17.85ct "Cage Set" Bracelet

18kt RG Flower Cuff Bangle 17 pieces Tourm.:Dia.106x1pt

9kt YG "Girdle Wrap" Bracelet Rhod. Plated Tanz. 6.68ct(x8)

Silver "Bypass" Bangle Pink Tm. 7.75ct

Silver Elephant Tusk Shaped Choker Tourm. Beads 111.35ct

Multi Tourmaline Beads Necklace

9kt YG "Twisted Wire" Cuff Bangle Green Tm. 2.51ct;2.78ct

Silver "Cascading" T-Bar Cufflinks Green Tm. 4.39ct(x2)

Silver Cage Set Bracelet Tanzanite 6.87ct(x42)

18kt YG Bi-Colour Am.28.53ct: Am.1.08ct(x36) 'Classic' Pendant

18kt YG Pearshaped AM. 47.1ct:Dia.5pt,10pt,15pt "Tripod" Pendant

14kt YG "D. Claw" Pendant Ametrine 51.86ct

18kt WG "Diagonal" Pendant Ametrine 69.4ct

18kt YG "Girdle Wrap" Pendant Ameth. 53.2ct;3.9ct

18kt YG " Classic" Heart" Pendant Ameth. 12.08ct ; Dia. 29x2pt

18kt YG V Bail Classic Pendant Am. 50.88ct,1.55ct(x41)

18kt WG Pave Heart Necklace Am.4.76ct;Dia.27x1pt

18kt YG Frame Pendant Am. 14.47ct

Silver Square Bail Pendant Ametrine 45.3ct

Silver Cage Set Pendant Quartz 13.08ct

Silver SWAN Pendant Am.1.79ct

18kt WG CROSS Pendant Am.20.22ct;5.53ct(x2)

18KT YG Cage Set Pendant Ametrine 6.37ct

Silver Cage Pendant Ame.6.32ct

18KT WG Cage Set Pendant Ame.11.3ct

18kt YG Filligri Heart Pendant Rutile Quartz 18.62ct

silver rutile quartz pendant "Z"bail 9.6ct

silver kudu pendant quartz 11.71ct

silver cage pendant rutile quartz 12.04ct

Wedding band with oxidized flame design

Silver "ox flame design" wedding band

9kt Yellow Gold Trilogy Bypass ring

Silver split shank ring

Silver bypass ring

Celtic wedding ring

Silver ring with oxidized lines on sides

Watermelon Diamond

Green Tourmaline Pendant

Green Tourmaline Earrings

Pave Infinity Band

18kt white gold Trilogy ring 1.78ct

14 kt white gold cluster ring

Emerald AG Ring

Silver Malt Polish

Yellow gold bridal set rings

Silver Trilogy ring

Silver ox section ring

Silver pave ring

Silver bridal set ring

Silver ring cz

Silver diagonal grooved ring

14kt YG Pave Ring Trill Rubel. Tm. 10.91ct;Dia.38x3pt; 75x5pt Onyx

18KT WG Studs GTM 2.5ct x2

9kt WG Classic Studs Black Tm. 1.85ct(x2):Dia.32x2

9kt WG Ptm. 2.90ct:Dia.42x1pt Classic Studs

18KT wg Wave Ring Ptm. 4.31ct;Dia. 10pt

9kt YG Link Chain 45cm

18kt YG Stack 6 Claw Ring Blue Tm.2.02ct

18kt WG Twisted Wire Cage Set Pendant Eme.0.88ct Td.1.41ct

18KT WG Kudu Pendant Eme.1.05ct

18kt Yg Bracket Pendant Eme.1.3ct;Di.22x1/2pt.

18kt WG Fan Pendant Em.0.86ct;Dia.2x2pt(w);2x1/2pt(w)

18kt YG Pave Necklace Dia.0.106ct

Sil/18 YG Calabash Pendt. Wtm.25.22ct:Gtm.1.01ct:Ptm.1.01ct:0.63ct

9kt YG Animal on Slice Necklace WTm. 147.39ct(x5)(76.56CT;45.48ct(x2);25.35ct(x2)

14kt YG Njovu Pendant/Brooch Bi-Tourmaline 10.77ct

14kt YG Slice Pendant Slice W.Tm., Emeralds 10x1pt on Bail

Silver Abstract Ring Wtm.4.65ct Size P

14kt YG(Plated)"Channel" Bracelet Wtm.10.20ct(x46)

14kt WG Slide Pendt Td. W.Tm. 4.90. P.Tm. 0.42(2x); G.Tm. 0.15cts; Dia. 5x2pt

18kt WG Sweet Pendant 16.68ct;Dia 53x1/3pt

Heart bangle with plain heart clasp