Passion, Desire, Love - Ruby

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Gem Of The Month

“What’s not to fall in love with gems? 

They are gods of beauty, they have positive energy, and their spectra of colours are endless.

That’s why they are my first true love!”

Rashmi Sharma, Head Gemologist FGA, GIA, MBA

Your Trusted Jewellery Manufacturer

To create exceptional bespoke pieces of jewellery, we source our rough gemstones responsibly from all over Zambia working with trusted professionals, from artisan miners to the largest emerald miners in the world. The gems are cut in-house by expert Zambian Lapidarists ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship and integrity.

The high quality of the metal is guaranteed through the crafting of these gems by one of our 35 goldsmiths at every stage using XRF technology.

We can only succeed by being true to our principle of sourcing the gems, polishing the gems and making the jewellery in Zambia thereby providing our valuable clients peace of mind with proof of provenance of their jewellery.




The ruby stands supreme among the five most valuable precious stones in the world. No other stone comes close to its deep red gemstone and crystal that is known to stimulate your mind to be more positive and self-assured. It is also believed to bring love and success most likely due to the passion and energy it derives from its deep red color.

Together with Sapphires, Emerald and Diamonds; the ruby is one of the traditional cardinal gemstones on Earth.

It would make a valuable gift to symbolize passion, protection and prosperity, ruby is the perfect way to express powerful emotions for that July born. It can also be a fifteenth and fortieth anniversary gift to symbolize security. The magnificent ruby is also symbolic of love, passion, wealth and peace.

Bridal Collection

Toast to the bride and groom.  Life long joy starts with the perfect fit.  We will manufacture your engagement ring and wedding rings as unique as your love for each other.  Made for you.


Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  For all your special occasions, let us help to design your dream piece that our master jewellers will turn into reality.

Ethnic Collection

Our tribal and wildlife designs are formed in pure silver or copper; perfect for gifts or memorabilia.  The famous range of hand-made jewellery depict cave paintings of old Africa that are ideal for everyday wear.

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